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Powell Library Project Progress: What You Need to Know

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May 7, 2024, update

Powell Library is now open at its new temporary location, Homesteader Hall, situated within the Park County Fairgrounds. Despite the change in scenery, we’re thrilled to offer the same exceptional library services and programs you know and love. Plus, we’re keeping our doors open for you with the same convenient hours: Monday through Thursday from 9am to 6pm, Friday from 9am to 5pm, and Saturday from 9am to 1pm. Join us as we embark on this new chapter and stay tuned for updates on the progress of the new Powell Library as it is being built.

April 24, 2024, update

Our dedicated staff is hard at work, boxing up books and clearing shelves as we prepare for our big move to Homesteader Hall at the Fairgrounds!

April 15, 2024, update

Last December, we announced that Park County Libraries secured an $8.497 million grant from the Wyoming Library Multi-Purpose Community Facility Program for the demolition and reconstruction of a new Powell Library. This ambitious project promises a more spacious and modernized environment to enhance access, services, and space for the Powell community.

In preparation, the Powell Library will close its doors to the public on Tuesday, April 23rd, and relocate to Homesteader Hall at the Fairgrounds. The library will resume operations at its new location on Monday, May 6th.

This strategic move is part of the library’s meticulous preparations for the construction of its new facility, set to be built in the same location as the current one. The new facility will span an impressive 14,000 square feet to meet the evolving needs of the community.

During its temporary residence at Homesteader Hall, Powell Library will continue to serve the community, albeit on a slightly reduced scale. Programs and services will be available, with further details to be announced as plans solidify.

Powell Library patrons are encouraged to hold onto any library materials they currently have checked out until the reopening on May 6th. In the spirit of community support, no fines will be charged during this transitional period, and retaining items will assist with the smooth transition to the new location.

As Powell Library embarks on this transformative journey, the community is invited to stay connected and engaged. Be sure to check back here for updates as things progress.

ATTENTION: The Main Powell Library in Homesteader Hall will be Closed on Saturday, June 8th. Visit Our Outreach Table at Yardzilla!