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Explore the Cody Library Art Collection

Episcopal Service Corps volunteer, Sidnee Everhart will give informational tours about Cody Library’s art collection on January 6th (5:15 p.m.), 11th (1:00 p.m.), and 24th (10:00 a.m.). She researched the art and artists found in the library and looks forward to sharing how the library art collection reflects the creativity and beauty found in Cody and the surrounding area.

The Cody Library contains works by many significant artists from our region such as Nick Eggenhofer, Thomas Molesworth, and New Deal artist, John Edwin Walley. Our collection includes various sculptures, paintings, prints, and handcrafted furniture, most of which depict the beauty of our home and history.

We hope you will join us for this appreciation of our art collection. If you have any further questions concerning this event, please call the library at (307) 527-1880.

ATTENTION: During the Park County Fair, Powell Library will be open July 22-23, closed July 24-27, and offering gateside services July 22-26.