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Park County Library Mobile Outreach

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Meet the New Mobile Outreach Van!

Through the generosity of the Park County Library Foundation, Fremont Motors of Cody and Powell, and Christ Episcopal Church of Cody, the library was able to purchase a van that will help make the goals of outreach, possible.

The Mobile Outreach Van will provide a pop-up library service for Park County. It will provide a chance for new audiences to explore the library in a new way and allow the library to easily be taken to wherever the public is and help to foster new users. The van will also become the rural/remote center, a gathering spot that can create relationships and promote inclusivity throughout our large county.

What is a Pop-Up Library?

The Mobile Outreach Van will allow us to “pop-up” at parks and playgrounds, community events, fairs, farmers markets, etc. with access to books, story time, crafts, games, and other activities. A typical pop-up library will involve setting up tables, hot spots, laptop, promotional materials and hands-on activities to promote and provide library services to regular library patrons and non-library users who can learn about library services.

Where else will the Mobile Outreach Van go?

When not providing pop-up library services throughout the county, the Mobile Outreach Van will be making regular visits to nursing homes, senior living facilities, hospitals, rural schools (Clark, Ralston, and Wapiti), summer camps, day cares and preschools. The van will also be a regular fixture in community parades and events; marketing the library and providing connections with the community. It will help to enhance partnership with other community organizations as it opens up opportunities for collaboration. Our hope is to also provide homebound services for the community in the future.

Want the Mobile Outreach Van to come to you?

Our Park County Library Outreach Coordinator is Francie Coe.

Francie’s goal is to get the Mobile Outreach Van out into the community, to as many events and places as she can. If you know of such an event or place, please contact her through email at [email protected] or by calling (307) 527-1880.

Where will I see the Outreach Van next?

Saturday, June 10th– Beck Lake Challenge, all day in Cody  

Tuesday, June 20th– Heartland Senior Living @ 11:00 in Powell  

Wednesday, June 21– Ohana Daycare @ 10:00 in Powell

Wednesday, June 21– Rocky Mtn Manor @ 1:00 in Powell

Thursday June 22nd– Crane Academy in Cody

Thursday, June 29th Crane Academy in Cody