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Summer Reading Programs 2023

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Each year, Park County Libraries celebrate the summer season with a Summer Reading Program. The purpose of these programs is to encourage and motivate children, teens, and adults to experience the joy of reading and expand their language skills. The theme for this year is All Together Now. Each of our three library branches run their programs a bit differently based on community interest and needs. Scroll down the page to explore what each library has planned for their Summer Reading Program for 2023.

Cody Library

The Cody Library focuses its Summer Reading on the idea that “KINDNESS ROCKS”. Each year it chooses two community kindnesses to receive funds that are donated to the library for the program. Readers of all ages earn tickets to vote on which portion of the funds goes to each kindness project. The two kindness projects for 2023 are:


  • Sign-up at the library any time starting May 30th and receive a folder with calendar + surprises. *PLEASE BRING YOUR FOLDER WITH YOU EVERY TIME YOU COME!*
  • Every day you read (or listen) you earn a ticket. Some days you’ll read more than others; try to read about 20 minutes per day.
  • Non-reading activities (on the back of the calendar) should be done at home & earn one ticket each.
  • Tickets are used to support local kindnesses!
  • Plus, for every 5 tickets you earn, you’ll get a chance to win a weekly raffle prize!


Friday, August 4th

Bring your lunch between 11:00 & 1:00

  • Balloon Animals
  • Live Music
  • Free Books
  • Snacks



Summer Reading in the Teen Room is for students heading into grades 6th-12th with some exceptions when reasonable.

Teens will receive a reading log to mark each day that they read for at least 20 minutes. For each day that they read, they will earn one prize ticket and one Kindness Ticket.

**They must bring their reading logs in to receive their tickets. **

There will be a grand prize drawing at the end of the Summer Reading Program for teens who turn in their reading logs before August 4th.


For each book that you finish, fill out the Lego-shaped entry form for a chance at a prize! Prize drawings will occur at the end of the summer.

Adults will also be able to enjoy this fun, passive activity all summer!

Powell Library

The Powell Library Summer Reading Program kicks off on Thursday, June 1st and encourages participants to use the library for their reading materials.

Babies under 3 years old

Complete early literacy activities with a parent. Show your activity page for a prize at the end of June and July.

Kids (Babies – 5th Grade)

Enter tickets for a chance to win a prize. Earn one ticket per day for reading a book at least 20 minutes and marking it on your calendar. Stop in weekly to show your calendar and get tickets. The last day to enter tickets is Friday June 30th.

Spin the wheel weekly by showing your reading calendar. The last day to spin the wheel is Monday, July 31st.

Young Adults (6th -12th Grade)

Enter tickets for a chance to win a prize. To earn tickets, read for 20 minutes or more daily and mark off a block on the bookmark. Earn bonus tickets by completing a bingo. Stop in weekly for your tickets. The last day to enter tickets is Friday, June 30th.

Spin the wheel weekly by showing your reading bookmark. The last day to spin the wheel is Monday, July 31st.


Enter tickets for a chance to win a prize. Earn one ticket per book read or program attended. Stop by often to learn about upcoming programs, get your tickets and enter to win! The last day to enter tickets is Monday, July 31.  

Adults will also be able to enjoy making a mosaic with book recommendations all summer.

Save the Date for These Summer Events!

Meeteetse Library

Visit the Meeteetse Library on June 1st, for the kick-off of Summer Reading! We will have a Planetarium & Root Beer floats!

Register and receive program instructions at the Meeteetse Library any day between June 1st and July 21st.

  • Earn tickets when you read.
  • Earn Tickets for completing non-reading activities.
  • Earn tickets when you attend programs.


All ages are welcome to join the Summer Reading Program!

Track Your Reading Digitally!

You can now track your points, minutes read, and kindness tickets through your digital device! Simply download Beanstack, create an account for you and your whole family, choose your program, track your reading, and come into the library to pick up your incentives.

Click here to learn more ====> Beanstack.