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UW Art Museum Touring Exhibition

The University of Wyoming Art Museum Regional Touring Exhibition titled, “The Butterfly Series: From the Collection of Jordan W. Finkelstein MD, MSc,” will be on display in the Cody Library in October and in the Powell Library in the month of November.

The exhibition features work by Gerald Lang and Jennifer Anne Tucker derived from the personal collection of Finkelstein. The delicate butterflies are placed directly on a scanner and transformed into digital files – no camera is used in this process – to combine 21st century technology with traditional scientific specimens creating unique art objects. Lang and Tucker are known for using ultra-high-resolution scans and creating a multidimensional viewing experience of scales, fur, structures, and patterns of life and disintegration.

ATTENTION: During the Park County Fair, Powell Library will be open July 22-23, closed July 24-27, and offering gateside services July 22-26.