Doc’s Rocks

Carter Mountain Zeolite

Retired geological engineer Clarence “Doc” Ellis will return to the Cody library at 2 p.m., Saturday, April 6 with Further Research on the Carter Mountain Zeolites.

“Zeolites are not common minerals. They can rarely be collected on public land in the U.S. On Carter Mtn. they are fairly common in the lava flows of the Trout Pk. Trachyandesite which is midway up Carter Mtn.,” Ellis said.
“Many of them are fragile shapes, and do not survive tumbling down the cliffs and being washed down the creeks to where we can easily find them.
Why are conditions for zeolite deposits ideal on Carter Mountain? Why they are not found elsewhere in the region?” Ellis will shed some light on those questions.

Ellis’ extensive knowledge of the area has been gained over the last 19 years and he is always willing to share. His Big Horn Basin rock hounding books contain maps, locations, photos and driving directions. Though, he may not reveal his zeolite “honey-holes” on Carter.

The public is invited to bring fossils, rocks and minerals for identification and to share. His books will be for sale and a book signing will follow the program. The library has copies of all Ellis’ books including: Rockhounding Adventure in the Bighorn Basin Area, Rockhounding the Bighorn Basin Area: the Adventure Continues, Wild Minerals of the Bighorn Basin Area  and Up the Road Less Traveled  a biography drawn from Ellis’ early life on the family farm, U.S. Air Force service and careers in gunsmithing and geology.

Ellis’ geology books are filed under 552.09787 in the non-fiction section at the library. “Rock and Gem” magazine, underwritten by the Cody Fifty-niners Rock Club, may be found in periodicals.

Refreshments will be provided by The Friends of the Cody Library after the program.