Addiction Field Manual by Barbara Victoria

Barbara Victoria will discuss her book “It’s Not About you, Except When It Is: A Field Manual for Parents of Addicted Children” at 2 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 20. Based on the author’s own experience as a parent with an addicted child, she provides straight-talking self-preservation tools and techniques for parents of addicts in and out of recovery.

This book became the best seller of 2012 for Central Recovery Press from Oct. 8 – Dec. 31. It was the first book to receive a starred review from the American Library Association.

“I have written, not as an expert, but as a lay person, a mother with some 22 years in the trenches with a now adult child’s addictions,” Barbara said.

“The message I want to convey is twofold: Where there is life there is hope, AND loved ones and friends of addicts can become part of the solution for the scourge of addiction by ceasing to be addicted to their addicts. That is, by breaking the cycle of co-dependent behavior between addiction and enabling, everyone can begin to take responsibility for changing and healing their own lives.”

In addition to being a parent, a grandparent, graphic designer and writer; Barbara has also been a caseworker at a respite program and a mental health technician in a group home for adolescents with addictive and co-occuring disorders. She is in long-term recovery herself as a world class enabler.

“Parents in immediate crisis will find resources that can be lifelines in the midst of the fear and anxiety that is engulfing them. I give practical tools to focus on what parents need to move through what seem to be insurmountable obstacles, and reclaim the wholeness and peace they deserve” Barbara said.

“Parents who have been making this heartbreaking journey for some time will find affirmation for where they have been and support for where they want to go on their path to wellness, whether or not their children are changing and healing their own lives.”

“If you could distill all of the substance abuse texts written for professionals into one book that tells parents what they need to know, in a way they need to hear it, so they can use it, you would get this book,” said Steve Humphries-Wadsworth, PhD, LMFT, Clinical Director, Yellowstone Behavioral Health Center

The library has a copy of her field manual. A book sale and signing will follow the program.

Refreshments, courtesy of the Friends of the Cody Library, will be served.