Historic Fashion Show

The Historic Fashion Show, 2-3:30 p.m., Saturday, June 9, at the Cody library will feature The Buffalo Gals in “authentically built reproduction costumes showing what American women really wore.”

This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Cody Library. The show is free and open to the public.

The Buffalo Gals historic interpreters will be in character and in costumes representing styles from 1765 through 1910. Music and slides selected for each walk will help set the mood in Grizzly Hall.

Models are drawn from local communities including Cody, Powell, Clark and Basin. For this show, a total of 11 interpreters will portray characters such as a wealthy merchant’s daughter in 1805, a Wyoming preacher’s wife circa 1883 and a new piece; a 1910 nurse uniform.

Suzanne Sellers, proprietress of Silhouettes Costumes in Clark, Wyo., researches and creates the outfits. The Buffalo Gals troupe is a division of Silhouettes Costumes. Donations in support of The Buffalo Gals will be welcome at the show.

Hundreds of hours’ research, design and sewing are devoted to each ensemble. Details such as fabric, dye and pattern are all considered. Shoes and jewelry are vintage or accurate reproductions of period pieces.

If an outfit is from an era when it would have been handmade, Sellers creates those items by hand.

“In the research, we very much depend on the Park County Library System and all those great big heavy books,” Sellers said.

According to her website, silhouettescostumes.com, Sellers has 50 years of experience in tailoring, flat pattern, and draped design using contemporary and historic methods of building garments and costumes for theatre, anthropological and performance pursuits.

The site depicts fashion from different eras collected by Sellers in the course of her research including the design development for every ensemble that will be in the show.

Refreshments, time to visit with the models and examine their costumes more closely will follow the program.