Doc Ellis & Zeolites

Doc Ellis with his “Zeolite Minerals on Carter Mountain.” Join us Saturday, May 5 at 2 p.m. in Grizzly Hall.

Zeolites are not common minerals.  They can rarely be collected on public land in the U.S.  On Carter Mtn. they are fairly common in the lava flows of the Trout Pk. Trachyandesite which is midway up Carter Mtn.  Many of them are fragile shapes, and do not survive tumbling down the cliffs and being washed down the creeks to where we can easily find them.  Last summer I made a serious study of the zeolites on Carter Mtn. and found that they do not occur in the normal manner for zeolites in lava flows.

Unfortunately most of my photos are several megabytes.  Sorry, no selfies taken of me clinging to shear cliffs.