Friends Book Sale

The Friends of the Cody Library will host the largest book sale in their nearly 20 year history, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., Wednesday – Saturday, Nov. 29 – Dec. 2 in Grizzly Hall, Park County Public Library in Cody.

“Center to the books on offer is a collection of historical materials gifted to the library by a major collector who decided he wanted his books to be used for research and reading enjoyment,” said our resident bookworm, Wally Johnson.    “Book sale participants will be interested in the extensive Civil War, militaria, Western Americana, exploration, maps and natural history being offered.”

Due to the enormous volume available, a $2 bag sale is planned for Saturday. Serious shoppers may wish to bring their own bags. This library event is free and open to the public.

Larry Bucknell, David Fike, John Gordnier, Wally Johnson, Edie Phillips and Lynn Pitet volunteered to sort, value and organize more than three-thousand books in preparation for the sale.

Cody Library Manager, Marge Buchholz, has a deep appreciation for donations. “Between additions and replacements for worn books, they make up at least 20 percent of the collection,” Buchholz said.

But, even good books can accumulate beyond available storage. Luckily, F.O.C.L. is there to convert this largesse into assets throughout the library.  All money raised benefits the library. Past purchases include:

  • The large print book nook at the front of the library. Large print circulation has increased by 30% since the July, 2016 installation.
  • Bookcases for the LOFT that added another 25% to existing capacity, comfortable chairs and iPads.
  • Furnishings for the children’s library; book cases, carpet for the activity room, decorative lights, a die cut machine, digital camera and bulletin board.
  • New books to distribute at special programs such as Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat visit.
  • Summer Reading prizes.
  • Educational adult DVDs.
  • Refreshments for author talks and other library events.
  • Information packets for new patrons.
  • “Book Page,” a monthly publication for aspiring writers that includes book reviews and author interviews.
  • Carts for patrons’ convenience.
  • Brochures for local campgrounds, directing tourists to the library.

F.O.C.L. members stock an in-library store weekly and more often during the summer when demand is greatest. They serve as hosts at Winter Gathering and are responsible for the festive Christmas decorations each year.