Learn Life-saving CPR

Bozeman Chronicle photo.

Life-saving hands-only CPR class offered at the library

It only takes 45 minutes to learn bystander (CPR.) Fireman and EMT, Kevin Lauer will teach hands-only CPR, 6:30 p.m., Thursday, June 8 at the Park County Public Library in Cody.

The class is free and open to the public. No certification will be issued.

Lauer has been a fireman since 1983 and an EMT since 2001. After a miraculous cardiac arrest save in 2011, Lauer and one of his EMT partners decided to pursue training lay people to save lives in an easy to learn, short program.

They formed Gallatin Heart Rescue in Montana with the goal of training 5000 Gallatin County residents to do this simplest compression only CPR within one year. Montana Heart Rescue has since trained 60,000 Montanans to perform what is also called bystander CPR.

Thanks to the program Montana is one of the leaders nationally in cardiac resuscitation. The program is now in twenty other states.  Learn more in this Bozeman Chronicle article.

Kevin received the American Ambulance Association Star of Life award and the Montana EMS Provider of the Year award, both in recognition of the efforts put forth.
With his return to Wyoming, Lauer’s efforts to increase survival rates from cardiac arrest continue in his home territory. Lauer works for West Park Hospital Ambulance and volunteers with Park County Search and Rescue.

For details visit Galatin Heart Rescue on Facebook and

Montana Heart Rescue CPR Training.