David Sage is coming to Cody.

Author, David Sage, will talk about storytelling, creative writing and his books at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, April 23. The event is free and open to the public.

For 40 years, David Sage has traveled to schools and libraries telling original stories to children and adults that stimulate imagination, curiosity and creative writing. Expanded versions of the stories are turned into books.

“I grew up surrounded by stories of adventure,” David said. “My father and mother traveled and hunted all over the world, so I heard accounts of stalking wounded lions in the brush of trackless East Africa; of fending off pirates on the Yangtze River as they made their way into western China; of surviving an elephant stampede in Southeast Asia; and of taking pack trains deep into the Yukon wilderness.” As a young man, he and his father (a Sheridan area rancher) hunted buffalo in the Big Horn Mountains with the Crow Indian tribe.

This wild life fostered his vivid imagination.

The Sages now live in Story, Wyo., where David’s time is divided between writing, teaching and fly-fishing.

The “Heirs of the Medallion” is a five book series, of which three are published and the fourth will be out this spring. It is the story of a mysterious silver medallion from the Incan Empire and its impact on five generations of a single family. Written for the same audiences he tells to, young adult to adult, the first three books will be for sale following the program.

Visit MrSagesstories.com to learn more.