Carter Mountain Photo Show

Carter Mountain Photo Show for the Month of March

Karen says, “With the emergence of the digital age, photography has become the center of debate – is it technology (skill) or is it art?  The myriad of editing options available today, along with the advanced technology in the body of the camera itself, greatly enhances our ability to more accurately reproduce the image the eye sees. Additionally, these advances offer the opportunity to manipulate the image to be MORE than the naked eye can see or perceive.  It allows the imagination to soar – to see the image as it could be and not necessarily as it first appears.

(Blue Burst, Teton Sunset)

When I transfer a photograph from camera to computer, I am constantly awed by the what I see.  I see detail, shapes, patterns, and colors, that I would never have seen except through the photographic process.  Photography allows me to see the world in a whole new way that would not have been possible without it.  It offers me the gift of being a part of the world around me rather than simply an observer.

Please enjoy the display.  I welcome your feedback.  You can contact me at [email protected] or you can go to, click on my name and see a slide show of additional work there.”

Karen Scholes Hayhurst