Park County Public Library Centennial, Monday, May 9

Carnegie Library which opened in Cody WY May 9, 1916The public is invited for cake and coffee served in the Biblio Bistro at the Cody Library, 2-4 p.m. Monday, May 9 in honor of the Park County Public Library’s 100 year anniversary.

“Park county’s free public library built by the cooperation of the Woman’s Public Service league and Andrew Carnegie and the tax payers of the county, was opened Tuesday evening which was attended by a crowd that filled the building,” according to the Northern Wyoming Herald dated Friday, May 12, 1916.

The Board of Trustees ordered 639 new volumes. They were added to the 1,135 the Women’s league had gathered for the library that they established in 1905. In April of 1916, when librarian Mabel Wilkinson arrived, the collection totaled 1774 books.

In the ensuing 100 years the collection has grown to 147,831 books. When DVDs, audio books and periodicals are included, the number goes up to 169,938 items.

For more history, written by Buzzy Hassrick for the 2008 grand opening of the Park County Public Library at its present 1500 Heart Mountain St., Cody location, click here… . Page 1  Page 2