A Walk Across America

Raymond Brown webA Walk Across America will be the topic of a free presentation with historian Raymond Brown on Thursday, April 28 at 6 p.m. In 2010 He walked 3,200 miles from Florence, Ore. to Atlantic City, N.J. to draw attention to civil liberties.

“My route brought me to Cody much relieved after experiencing a beautiful but arduous walk from Jackson.  While walking though the parks, my concerns about bears and mountains were eventually replaced by a warning from the locals of a tunnel leading into Cody that for a pedestrian would be quite dangerous,” Ray said.

Ray has given away over 7,000 copies of the Bill of Rights, established a “Bill of Rights” scholarship for students, and performs in period costume at Fourth of July festivities.  For details visit sonoflibertywalk.blogspot.com