Art Exhibition featuring Park 6 Elementary Art Students

PCL Elementary Art Students webYou are invited to a Reception on Thursday,  Jan. 21 from  4-5 p.m. The Cody Library hosts this show all month.

“For the public library display of elementary student artwork I am trying to involve, teach and encourage students, parents and community members to participate in the artistic making process. The process involves developing an idea, creating the artwork, and finally displaying the artwork.

It is also important for these developing art students to understand the importance that
art and the art making process has on people and their communities. Displaying artwork is a great way to exemplify the importance of art. At the exhibition you will see an array of artwork from contour pencil drawings, pastels, watercolors, artist studies, paintings and self portraits from students ranging in grades Kindergarten to 5th grade from Sunset, Livingston, Wapiti and Valley Elementary school,” Mara Vinton.